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SIA Spiganas zirgi has the right to make changes at any time, which are published on the website

SIA “Spīganas zirgi”, unified registration number: 40103355870, legal address: Pils iela 1a, Lielvarde, LV-5070, tel. number: +371 26155577 (hereinafter - the Maintainer), is the owner, maintainer and personal data operator of the online store

By accessing and using, the visitor to the site (hereinafter referred to as the "Visitor") expressly agrees to the Privacy Policy described herein, including the use of cookies, unless the Visitor's browser is set to not accept cookies.


1.1. While visiting and using, the Provider may receive information that contains personal data:

obtaining personal data directly (name, telephone number and e-mail address);

indirectly by collecting information (for example: by using cookies and other technical means to monitor the use of

1.2. The Provider shall process the personal data of the Visitors in compliance with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Law and other legal acts of the Republic of Latvia regulating the processing and protection of personal data. When processing and storing Visitors' personal data, the Provider shall use organizational and technical means to ensure the protection of personal data from accidental or unlawful disclosure, alteration, and any other unlawful processing.

1.3. By donating funds or purchasing goods and services offered by, and by using other services, the Visitor agrees and authorizes the Provider to register, enter, store, systematize, use and otherwise process the Visitor's personal data, as well as to the Provider, to the extent necessary and for the following purposes:

data processing arising from Visitors' orders, contractual obligations, or data processing required to enter into a relevant contract (transaction);

data is necessary for the identification and tracking of Visitors;

data is required for the sending of commercial communications (subject to the Visitor's express consent to such communications);

data is required to strengthen the Customer Loyalty Program,

the data are necessary for securing the fulfillment of other obligations arising from the contractual obligation or from the relevant contracts (transactions).

We process personal data necessary for making payments to SIA Spīganas zirgi.

1.4. The Provider ensures the protection and security of the Visitors' personal data and its disclosure to third parties to the extent required by the Personal Data Protection Law and other legal acts of the Republic of Latvia regulating the processing and protection of personal data, except for the Provider's partners providing the supply of goods and services to the extent that personal data are necessary for the performance of the contract.

1.5. The Provider shall take all possible security measures (including administrative and technical) to protect the personal data of the Visitors. Access to data processing and modification functions is restricted to responsible persons designated by the Provider.

1.6. The visitor has the right to access his / her personal data by sending a respective request for information to the Provider via the customer service email: [email protected]. Visitors have the right to request the following information: (1) the purpose, legal basis and form of the processing of personal data; (2) the date on which the personal data were last modified, deleted or blocked; (3) the source of the personal data (unless prohibited by law); (4) information as to whether personal data are being processed automatically.

1.7. The Visitor shall have the right to request that his or her personal data be supplemented or rectified and that the personal data be incomplete, outdated, false or no longer necessary for the purpose of the collection. To this end, the Visitor shall inform the Maintenance Provider via the Customer Service Email: [email protected].

1.8. Visitors' personal data will be stored for no longer than required by law.

2. Cookies

2.1. uses cookies, which provide wider use of the online store.

2.2. Cookies are small text files that are stored by a web browser (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari) on the web user's computer, tablet, or smartphone. Such websites can also save the web user's individual settings. Cookies usually contain information about the website name, the duration of storage on the device, and the unique number. Cookies can be considered as a way for a website to obtain information that allows it to recognize the user and respond appropriately.

2.3. There are three main types of cookies:Session cookies are temporary files that are stored on the user's computer, tablet or smartphone until the end of the session, when leaving a website, or when closing a web browser, and are used to provide services that require verification on a particular website;

Persistent cookies are stored on a computer, tablet, or smartphone for a period of time set by the cookie settings or until deleted by the user, and are used to remember user-selected settings and personalize the interface;

Third-party cookies allow you to gain insight into how websites are used and to provide users with ad content optimally tailored to the interests of specific users.

2.4. does not use other third party, tracking or advertising cookies.

2.5. The cookie-related information is not used to personally identify the user (Visitor). Cookies are used for the following purposes:

to customize to the needs of users (Visitors),

to optimize the use of,

advertising and marketing optimization based on interest in certain benefits,

statistics on the number of visitors to

2.6. Cookies do not necessarily need to be enabled for the website to function, but cookies provide a greater use of the website. While it is possible for to not use cookies by changing browser settings or to delete cookies, in some cases restrictions on some features may occur while browsing


3.1. A commercial communication is any communication in electronic form designed to promote, directly or indirectly, the goods or services or image of a merchant, organization or person engaged in commercial, business or regulated professional activities. Information allowing direct access to general information on the provider and its activities (domain name or e-mail address) shall not be deemed to be a commercial communication.

3.2. The Provider may use the personal data (email address) of the Visitors to provide information about the services, promotions and other activities offered by

3.3. By using, the Visitor may apply (give his consent) for receiving commercial communications.

3.4. The visitor may opt-out of receiving commercial communications or prohibit the use of his contact information (personal data) for direct sales purposes by notifying the Provider via customer service email: [email protected]. The prohibition on direct sales applies to one specific person.


4.1. Consent and Privacy Policy Changes

4.1.1. By using the online store and / or participating in the activities of, the Visitor confirms their agreement to the terms of the Privacy Policy. If the Visitor does not agree to this Privacy Policy, the Provider requests the Visitor not to submit personal information to

4.1.2. The maintainer reserves the right to unilaterally change or supplement this Privacy Policy at any time without notice by posting it on in the Privacy Policy. The Visitor is obligated to read the Privacy Policy before each visit to, and the Visitor has the opportunity to save the Privacy Policy on a permanent medium or print it out.

4.2. Jurisdiction

4.2.1. The Provider retains the right to disclose the personal data of visitors to Online Store in accordance with regulatory requirements and where disclosure is necessary to protect the Provider's rights and / or subject to legal action, subpoena or legal process.

4.2.2. The operation of the Website and the online stores is governed by and governed by the laws of the Republic of Latvia.

4.3. Information exchange

4.3.1. The maintainer communicates with the Visitor using the Visitor's email address, postal address, or telephone number. The visitor may use the means of communication listed in the Contact section of


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