HAVENS horse food is the leading horse food in Europe, now also available in Latvia. HAVENS is a supporter of the Olympic Games - the best, award-winning horses use HAVENS food and is currently marketed in over 50 countries worldwide. HAVENS has been producing horse feed since 1845 and is proud to offer a wide range of feeds.

For low to medium loads

For high or heavy loads

Allergic, nervous, sensitive to high protein levels, horses with digestive and respiratory problems, colic, stress, healthy skin, shiny hair and sputum, strong joints
Foals and pregnant mares

HAVENS 'main goal is to provide the best possible nutrition for the horse and pony by producing quality food that meets all nutritional requirements: breeding, recreational riding, racing or top level sports. The food consists of high quality 100% natural raw materials, no dyes, fragrances, animal products are used. The feed is packed in paper bags (17.5; 20; 25kg). HAVENS feed is HACCP and GMP-Plus certified.

Because your horse's nutrition is our concern…!